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Welcome to the Home of TrackHawk

The TrackHawk System collects positional data from any entities involved in competitive, repetitive motion and stores that information for live presentation, replay of an event, or the simulated run of a future event.  The system is applicable to all situations where there are multiple competitors running a predetermined course.  An animated aerial view is provided by the TrackHawk Presentation-Layer and gives a clear perspective on the relative positions of each of the competitors.

We have created a short Video to explain some of the key TrackHawk user-interface features...

To help understand how the system presents to users, we have archived races from several race meetings in Hong Kong.  To view some of these, click on the image below for the Sha Tin track.  For a more complete demonstration, visit the Demo Page. In addition, we have uploaded trials from three Australian tracks -- Flemington, Randwick and Sandown.  Please contact us if you are interested in viewing these presentations.

There are many opportunities to apply TrackHawk technology...

  • Internet
  • Television
  • Mobile Devices
  • Additional Graphs
  • Statistical Reports
  • Statistical Download
  • Gaming Window ( for betting )
  • Race Preview based on user-selected criteria

For the application to run smoothly, there are several requirements and they are listed on the Demo Page

Currently, we have been focused mainly on the horse-racing.  TrackHawk was the first Internet Application to fully support user-interaction in a circuit-racing environment, thus bringing an entirely new dimension to the user experience.

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